Woman learns a dark secret about her husband’s double life

Being pregnant with her second child, Olivia experienced what most expecting mothers do, she was exhausted and found solace in hiding away and indulging in her junk food cravings. Thankfully, her best friend Ava wouldn’t let her going through her roller-coaster of emotions all by herself by offering to do various activities that would keep Olivia engaged.

One day, Ava suggested that the two attend a pottery class where they would make creations for the baby shower. Although unwillingly, Olivia agreed because Ava was too excited about it. The two arranged Olivia’s husband Malcolm to take care of their other child.


Once there, they took their place with the rest of the women there. As the class proceeded, the women started sharing their birth stories.

One of the woman said something that sent chills down to Olivia’s spine. It happened that she gave birth to her son on 4th of July, the same day Olivia gave birth to her first daughter Tessa, but this woman’s husband wasn’t present because his sister-in-law, Olivia, was giving birth at the same time.

This was too much of a coincidence.


The woman then shared that her husband, whose name was also Malcolm, just as Olivia’s, missed his son’s first birthday because he attended his niece’s birthday instead.

At that moment, Olivia and Ava glanced at each other in disbelief. Olivia needed to make sure the woman wasn’t actually talking about her Malcolm so she showed her a photo of her husband and asked her if by any chance, the man she was talking about was the one on the photo. The woman was surprised. She barely gathered the courage to say, “Yes, that’s the father of my son.”

Olivia’s heart sand. Her world turned upside down upon the realization that Malcolm had a son with another woman.

The rest of the women in the pottery party exchanged sympathetic glances, understanding the gravity of the situation.

Olivia and Ava excused themselves and entered the car.

A day passed by before Olivia gathered the courage to confront Malcolm.
“I refused to let this fester, especially with my due date looming in just five weeks. I needed to know how we could move forward before bringing our baby into this mess,” she wrote.

He reluctantly admitted to fathering a child with the other woman, and Olivia started researching for divorce lawyers.

She said she is aware that the path would be a tough one, but she’s determined to heal herself for her children.

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