Wildlife Enthusiast Lets Black Widow Bite Him on Purpose to Debunk Myths Surrounding the Arachnid

Most people have heard of the dangers of encountering venomous animals in the wild—specifically, snakes and spiders. However, one particular spider, the black widow, may not be as lethal as previously believed.

Yet, it’s still a bad idea to encourage them to bite because the effects can be long-lasting. Either way, a YouTube channel popular for its daring encounters with wildlife has shown what happens when the spider does attack.

Black Widow Bites More Often Than Not, Just Cause Major Discomfort
Jack Schonhof of Jack’s World of Wildlife posted a video where he allowed a black widow to bite him. While he noted that the black widow bite wasn’t as lethal as people believed it to be, it’s still not suggested that people allow a black widow to bite (yes, we had to say this). Jack underwent two weeks of symptoms following the black widow bite, which included “the worst” lower back pain. In the video, Jack points out that it actually takes quite a bit to provoke a black widow.

“Again, these widow spiders a very, very, very reluctant to bite. The only way you’re realistically going to be bitten by a black widow is if you pin it to your skin.” He explained. “So, if you’re leaving your shoes outside, check your shoes. If you’re leaving stuff in your garage that you’re putting on, check it before you put it on.“

Some viewers were not convinced that a black widow may pose no real lethal threat. “You didn’t change my mind about black widows. You still proved to me to avoid the h**l out of them.” Disclosed one follower. Meanwhile, others have commended him for his bravery and his desire to clear up misconceptions that people have regarding wildlife, such as the black widow and its lethal bite. Regardless, it’s still not a good idea to provoke a black widow because their bite is still venomous and can cause serious health risks. Moreover, there is always the possibility that someone has an allergy to a black widow bite. In this case, it can quickly become life-threatening.

A Mission to Educate Others
Incredibly, Jack doesn’t just immerse himself into the wild. He intentionally provokes wildlife to show people a first-hand account of what happens when wildlife retaliates. He has countless videos in which he shows his audience the effects of his encounters with venomous wildlife. Some include other venomous spiers, ants, centipedes, and even a scorpion. His bravery and compassion for the great outdoors has been deemed “criminally underrated” by his followers.

Numerous Misconceptions about Black Widows
As it turns out, its “lethal” bite isn’t the only misconception about the black widow. Some believe that a blac

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