(VIDEO)America Should Listen to This Marine Because He Will Send Chills Down Your Spine

This video pays tribute to our military personnel, reminding us of their sacrifice for our freedom. It features a remarkable rendition of “God Bless America” by a singing US Marine, delivering a powerful performance that evokes goosebumps, pride, and dynamite energy.

The history of “God Bless America” adds depth to the song’s significance. Penned by Irving Berlin in 1938, it was popularized by Kate Smith, known as the First Lady of Radio. Smith’s rendition during World War II symbolized American patriotism and unity.

Irving Berlin, born Israel Beilin, immigrated to America from Russia at a young age. Despite facing challenges, he became a prolific songwriter, with hits across Broadway and Hollywood. His legacy enhances the song’s meaning, reflecting the American spirit of resilience and creativity.

The video captures the Marine’s stirring performance, radiating palpable pride and electric energy. A standout moment occurs at 1:48, prompting a desire to stand up in reverence. “God Bless America” resonates as a timeless anthem of national pride and unity.

Watch Below:

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