Video Of Megan Rapinoe’s Interaction With Young Fan Sparks Outrage

Megan Rapinoe, the American football star, is facing criticism online after a video from the 2019 EPSY awards in Los Angeles resurfaced. In the video, which has gone viral with over 2.7 million views, Rapinoe appears to dismiss a young fan who approached her for an autograph.

During the awards event, a young boy presented Rapinoe with a football to sign. In the video, she can be seen signing the ball without acknowledging the fan, who stood nervously in front of her. Rapinoe, dressed in a black tuxedo jacket, turns to speak to another guest without looking at the boy or saying anything to him. A fellow guest in the background appears shocked by her behavior, holding his head in his hands.

The tweet containing the video was captioned, “Imagine being such an arrogant Narcissist that you don’t even look at a young fan and acknowledge them when signing a ball. This is Megan Rapinoe in a nutshell…” It sparked intense debate on social media, with many criticizing Rapinoe’s behavior.

Piers Morgan, a prominent British television personality who has previously criticized the U.S. women’s football team, retweeted the video and said, “Doesn’t even look at him. Diabolical arrogance.” Tennis star Nick Kyrgios, who had a Twitter spat with Morgan last year, responded with agreement, writing, “Hahahahaha one thing me and Piers agree on.”

Others expressed their disappointment in Rapinoe’s conduct. One commenter said, “That’s just so sad. That child really admired her, to ask for an autograph. She’s a classic narcissist. I feel bad for the kid.” Another commented, “I’m surprised she didn’t charge him for her signature.” Some remarked that Rapinoe could have made the boy’s day by simply looking at him and smiling.

This incident adds to the controversies surrounding Rapinoe. During a recent Women’s World Cup match, she was seen laughing after missing a crucial penalty, which angered football fans. Rapinoe later explained that her reaction was due to shock because she rarely missed penalties.

Megyn Kelly, a former television host, also criticized Rapinoe earlier this month, stating that she had “poisoned” the U.S. women’s national team. Kelly referred to Rapinoe’s reluctance to sing the national anthem and accused her of influencing the team negatively. Rapinoe’s actions and statements have generated divided opinions among sports fans and the public.

As Rapinoe continues to be a polarizing figure in the world of sports, her behavior in the viral video has ignited further debate about her actions and their impact on her reputation.

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