Son Took His Mother To A Nursing Home And Only Visited Her From Time To Time

Not having enough time, a son took his mother to a nursing home and only visited her from time to time.

One day he got a call because she wasn’t feeling well. Then the son with tears in his eyes, asked her what he could do for her, and the mother gave him a goose-bumping answer…

Do you sometimes start to ponder on the question: is there such a thing as karma? Are be being rewarded for the good things, or punished for the bad ones?

Some people never stop the question the consequences of their actions, which I think, inevitably hits them in the b*** later on in life. After his father passed away, a man decided to put her mom in a nursing home.

He just didn’t have enough time to care for her with all the was happening to him. He didn’t even visit too often. Only when he had a short time to spare.

One day he got a call that her health was going downwards, and it was going fast. It looked like she was living the last days of her life. The son quickly arrived in the nursing home and rushed in his mom’s room. He immediately asked if there’s something he could do for her.

The mother pierced through his eyes with a sharp look and made few requests. She told him that she wanted the fans to be changed because she used to suffocate from time to time, chasing every breath. She also wanted the refrigerator changed.

Sometimes she wasn’t eating anything because the fridge spoiled all the food that should be kept on cold temperature. The son was completely caught off guard.

He didn’t think his mother knew that she was dying. With teary eyes, he asked why she didn’t tell him all of that before. Now it was too late.

The mother then looked in his eyes with the same sharp look and said, “I know I will die, but I think of you when your children won’t want you next to them either… And they will bring you here…Then, you will find better conditions… What you offer is what you get… Don’t forget that.” These words broke the son’s heart into million pieces.

He knew that he should’ve kept her with him and make sure that she lived the last years of her life close to her family, instead of being tossed away in a nursing home against her will.

We should never EVER forget that it is our responsibility to make sure our parents spend their golden years in a way that makes them happy!

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