Sally and her husband Richard were happy with their lives. Sally was in love with her husband Richard, and Richard was in love with Sally. After two years of dating, they got married at 26.

One day, Richard vanished. He leave no trace behind. He had no family either, as he was an orphan. As Sally was devastated, she searched for him, for many years with the authorities. As years passed, she always waited for Richard to return.

As there were another men who were trying their chances with Sally, she only wanted her husband back. As her friends wanted Sally to try something with another man, her one friend, Jake, had supported her. He was caring for her, and she was too but she was feeling guilty about letting it go, and move on.

She decided to focus on her career as an engineer, and rose in her career, where she started to take trips across the country. As she arrived early on Sunday, she decided to attend to a local church service.

At the end of the service, she was walking towards the exit, and a familiar voice stopped her. She turned her back and saw Richard. As he turned towards the exit, he saw Sally too.

“Honey, are you okay? Are we coming?” The woman next to him said.

“Okay, waiting for you in the car,” the woman said and left. Richard walked towards Sally and whispered, “Not here. See me in an hour at Tom’s Cafe, River Street, 6.”

An hour later Richard arrived at the location and started. “I know you want an explanation. I definitely owe that to you.”

Before Sally, Richard had a highschool sweetheart. After seven years of relationship, they decided to end things. Later Richard married Sally, and he realized that he was still in love with Megan.

“You know that I didn’t remarry and waited for you all these years?”

“What?? No.. You couldn’t.”

“I did.”

“I’m sorry, Sally.”

As Sally returned to her home, she called Jake, and invited him to a dinner.

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