Red dots on your skin: Causes and what they could mean

The reason why red dots appear on the skin can be various, and while some of them go away on their own, some require a suitable treatment.

Some of the most common reasons which lead to the red spots are allergic reactions, acne residual mark, vascular birthmarks, skin spots due to angiomas, protein overproduction, heat rash, insect bites, leaking capillaries, as well as autoimmune conditions.

1. Petechiae and Purpura
These are tiny red dots that appear on the skin due to damaged blood vessels or capillaries. They can be caused by stress, coughing, or certain medications. Although they are usually harmless, they can sometimes indicate underlying platelet disorders.

2. Cherry Angiomas
These small, raised, bright red bumps are a result from an overgrowth of blood vessels and are generally harmless. They usually appear at old age.

3. Heat Rash
Heat rash occurs when sweat becomes trapped in sweat ducts and causes itchy, red dots to appear on the skin.

4. Allergic Reactions
Redness can also occur in case of an allergic reaction to food, substances, medications, or insect stings or bites.

5. Folliculitis
Folliculitis is an inflammation of the hair follicles, usually caused by bacterial or fungal infections resulting in red, pus-filled dots on the skin that can be uncomfortable.

6. Cellulitis
Cellulitis is a bacterial skin infection that causes redness and swelling of the skin. It usually requires medical attention and treatment with antibiotics.

7. Impetigo
Impetigo is a contagious bacterial infection that primarily affects children and is characterized by red sores that open, ooze fluid, and later form a crust.

8. Vasculitis
Vasculitis is a condition associated with autoimmune disorders or infections that involves inflammation of blood vessels.

9. Hemangiomas
Hemangiomas are birthmarks that result from abnormal growth of blood vessels. While they are generally harmless, occasional medical intervention may be necessary.

Home remedies which help the prevention of spreading and getting rid of the red dots include some of the most widely used herbs and plants.

Below are three remedies you can try in case you notice red dots on your skin. Of course, it is always highly recommended to consult with a professional.

The Aloe Vera treatment consists of applying extract of fresh aloe vera gel on the skin twice a day. The gel should be left for 15 to 20 minutes.
Another helpful home remedy is massaging the freshly cleaned skin with coconut oil. For it to give the best results, the oil should be left overnight. Repeat the process until you notice any results.
Dandelion is another plant that helps with the red skin dots. The usage is as follows: Boil dandelion root powder in water and then strain and sip for detoxification.

In case you notice a change in the form of the red dots or patches consult a doctor and make sure to maintain a healthy lifestyle and a healthy diet which includes plenty of fruits, vegetables, juices, and healthy fats.

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