Newborn baby cries all day no matter what parents do, after a while they check his crib

When Walter entered the house and saw his wife Abby in the kitchen distressed, he knew their son Logan hadn’t slept during the night. The baby’s constant crying for no reason worried these parents. They kept checking if his diapers were changed, if he was fed, and if something hurt him, but they couldn’t understand what was wrong and why their son wouldn’t calm down.

They even took him to the doctor’s, but they didn’t find anything unusual and told Walter and Abby that it could be a phase some babies go through.

“Oh, honey,” Walter turned to his wife. “How long has he been crying like that?”

“I’ve tried everything, Walter!” Abby broke down in tears. “He’s been fed, changed, bathed, and burped! I even took his temperature! I don’t know what to do now. He keeps crying!”


“Come, we’ll figure this out together,” Walter assured his wife as the two headed to Logan’s room.

“Hey there, buddy,” Walter said as he entered the nursery. “It sounds like you and Mama have had a really tough day, huh? Let’s see if Daddy can help make things better.”

When he took the baby in his arms, he calmed down for a while, but once in his crib, the crying continued, and it was even louder than before.

Walter got the idea of checking the mattress out. Although it was new, maybe it wasn’t comfortable enough. Who knew, maybe it was too firm, or even not firm enough, but there was certainly something that disturbed Logan’s sleep, and it could easily be related to his crib.


Upon further inspection, Walter was stunned to discover a stone inside the mattress. Surprised, he approached Abby and asked her, “For God’s sake Abby, why would you put a stone this big inside Logan’s mattress?”

Abby was as stunned. She had never seen that stone before. What’s most, she couldn’t understand how it found its way onside her baby’s mattress.

While the two discussed and even blamed one another, Walter’s mom appeared at the door. Looking at the stone in Walter’s hands, she uttered, “Walter, why did you take the stone out, I bought it especially for my grandson.”

Hearing these words, Walter and Abby got even more surprised. They had plenty of questions for Walter’s mom.


When asked why she would do such a thing, she answered, “Well, I thought it would catch his dreams and let him sleep.”

Abby couldn’t believe what her mother-in-lad said and was trying hard not to unleash her anger. “How can you put something inside the baby’s crib and then forget about it?” Abby asked. “So many sleepless night over what? A stone!?”

The elderly lady tried to come up with explanations, but Abby didn’t let her finish her sentences. “The stone may have a meaning for you,” Abby said, “but for us, all it did was poke our baby and ruined our sleep.”

Marcin Jozwiak/ Pexels

While the two women argued, Walter turned their attention towards Logan. After so many months, the baby finally fell asleep in his crib peacefully.

Abby’s MIL apologized for her act, and Abby and Walter forgave her because they were aware she only meant to help, although she shouldn’t have done anything without their permission.

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