My future in-laws don’t know I own the home they live in & kicked me out of it

A woman named Ellen and her husband David were overly excited for their daughter’s upcoming wedding.

Lisa, their firstborn daughter, seemed to be very happy with her future husband Ric. She graduated from medical school and started working as a doctor, so tying the knot with the person she felt was her soulmate seemed like the most reasonable next thing.

Ellen and David bought Lisa a house because they believed she totally deserved it because of her dedication to her studies and for being a wonderful daughter. The house wasn’t very big, but it was enough for Lisa.

One evening, Ellen and David got a call from Lisa. She said she needed to talk to them about something and told them that she wanted Ric to move in with her.

David hesitated for a while, but they eventually agreed because at the end of the day, Ric would soon be Lisa’s husband and moving in together wasn’t a bad idea.

Before truly getting into the wedding planning, Lisa and Ric decided to organize a family dinner so that their families could meet. Ellen and David never met Ric’s parents before so they were eager to do that. However, neither Ellen nor her husband could ever predict that the family dinner would turn into dinner from hell.

Namely, once Ellen, David, and their younger daughter Leah arrived at Lisa’s house, Ric’s parents were already there. They all talked for a while before Ellen, David, and their daughter went outside to prepare the barbecue. At one moment, David and Leah went inside to grab some spices but left the place quickly and told Ellen they needed to go home as fast as possible.

Ellen didn’t even try to push it further because David wasn’t the type of man to exaggerate anything needlessly. So, if something shocked him, it was most likely warranted.

They said that Leah wasn’t feeling fine and headed home.

Once inside the car, David told Ellen he overheard Ric’s parents saying they wouldn’t invite them to Lisa and Ric’s wedding but they would made them pay for it.

Ellen was shocked. She couldn’t possibly understand why her future son-in-law’s parents would want to exclude them from their own daughter’s wedding and how could Lisa even agree on such a thing.

The following morning, Ellen went straight to Lisa’s house and saw her in-laws‘ car parked on the driveway. She knocked several times but no one answered. As she knew they were inside the house, Ellen kept knocking until Ric’s mother opened the door slightly. She accused Ellen of influencing Lisa too much, adding that Lisa was now like them and that she didn’t need her parents’ influence in her life.

On top of it, Ric’s mom said that she and her husband moved in with Lisa and Ric and that the four of them would be living together. She added that although they won’t be invited to the wedding, they would be sent the part of the bill for it.

Ellen couldn’t believe what she was hearing. Still shocked, she called Lisa on the phone to ask her to reconsider the decision of going forward with the wedding without her part of the family in attendance. Sadly, Lisa said she would respect her in-laws’ decision.

Since the house Lisa, Ric, and his parents moved in was still on Ellen’s name, she decided to undertake drastic measures. She asked them they had 10 days to leave the place, and since they refused to do that, Ellen and David sold the house.

“I just taught our future in-laws a lesson in boundaries,” Ellen wrote.
Since then, Lisa moved into a tiny apartment next to her workplace, and Ellen had no idea where Ric’s parents were. Lisa and Ric stayed together, but they still haven’t got married.

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