Man Spends $70k To Tattoo His Full Body And Eyeballs, But Wait Till You See What He Looked Like Before

Nevada’s Las Vegas Since starting his adventure in 2009, Quest Gulliford has spent over $70,000 on severe tattoos and physical changes. He has already released a picture of his makeover before and after.

Quest Gulliford has shown his pre-radical tattoo makeover appearance. As soon as he was able, Gulliford, who had survived Hodgkin’s lymphoma while he was in the seventh grade, got a tattoo to symbolize his ordeal.

The tattoos, which included the words “God First” and a purple cancer ribbon, marked the start of an ink adventure that continues to this day.

Gulliford stated, “I had a big lymph nod growing,” according to the Daily Mail. “It was six months of chemotherapy. I kind of felt like a superhuman after that.”

Quest Gulliford has approximately $70,000 worth of body modifications and tattoos, covering him from head to toe. With over 1M followers on TikTok, he recounts his journey there.

A cancer survivor tells fans about her eye tattoo experience

Three years ago, Gulliford—who goes by on TikTok—shared with his devoted fan base about his experience having eye tattoos. He now answers inquiries about what it’s like.

He had the surgery done in Houston, where he was given an injection of ink to tint his eyelids black. “More of an injection or modification… not really like a tattoo on your skin,” was how he put the sensation.

“It took me a long time actually on the day, once I walked into the shop in Houston, Texas, to even psych myself up to get it done.”

Addict with extreme tattoos posts before and after photos

But more recently, Quest Gulliford uploaded a number of photos that showed his whole tattoo adventure. The film, which combines still photos and recordings, shows his development from 2009 to 2019.

Before any ink, except from a couple on his chest, there are a few pictures of him. You watch them grow stronger and more intense over the years, until the majority of his body is covered in ink.


“I had cancer when I was twelve, but I have no idea whether that has anything to do with my love of tattoos,” Gulliford explained in a separate video. “I got bullied a lot in high school as well, especially when I had cancer and my hair was falling out.”

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