Malia Obama Goes On With A “New Name”

Malia Obama, now known professionally as Malia Ann, has made her directorial debut with the film “The Heart” at the 2024 Sundance Film Festival. Born to former President Barack Obama and Michelle Obama,

she chose her middle name for her career, a tribute to her late grandmother. After graduating from Harvard, Malia entered the film industry, contributing significantly as a writer on the Amazon Prime show “Swarm” before taking on her latest project.

Her work on “Swarm” was praised by colleagues, including Janine Nabers and Stephen Glover, highlighting her dedication and talent. Malia’s parents have publicly expressed their pride in her achievements, emphasizing her unique blend of talent and character.

At Sundance, Malia showcased not only her filmmaking prowess but also her distinct fashion sense, embodying a mix of comfort and elegance despite mixed online reactions.

Her industry contributions and work ethic have distinguished her, marking a significant step in her career. Malia Ann’s journey from presidential daughter to Hollywood filmmaker demonstrates her ambition and ability to carve out her own path in the film industry.

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