If you spot a rubber band on your front door handle, you need to know the sick thing it means

There are few things more important in life than the safety and security of ourselves and our loved ones.
It should go without saying that the majority of us want to avoid danger wherever possible, and most of all in our own homes.

For as long as humans have been civilized, our homes, be they small or large, ancient or brand-spanking new, have provided us with an added sense of security.

Which is why it’s so terrifying when we fall victim to burglaries and the like. The very idea of a stranger gaining access to our home and being able to snoop around and touch or take what they please gives me the creeps.

I’m sure I’m not alone in that, so I thought it a good idea to share an important warning concerning a tactic employed by some criminals looking to gain access to properties by preying on unsuspecting homeowners. Want to know more? Read on…

Security at home is usually something people take seriously. Some own dogs that they rely on to be both a warning and defensive system. Others have security cameras outside their homes in the hope of warding off would-be criminals or filming them if they’re undeterred.

As has been the case time and again throughout history, however, criminals always endeavor to stay one step ahead of the preventative methods in place to stop them.
Warning!!! Two weeks ago during the day, a hard knock was at my front door, not a regular knock but almost pounding.

A Texas woman, Kim Fleming Cernigliaro, found that out a few years ago, when she found herself at the center of an alleged break-in attempt at her home.

Following her terrifying ordeal – which occurred in 2016 – Kim took to Facebook to explain what had happened, as well as to give a rather sinister warning that people would be wise to remember.

“Two weeks ago,” her post began, “during the day, a hard knock was at my front door, not a regular knock but almost pounding, (I honestly thought something may have happened to someone and they needed help) but something didn’t feel right…and I DO NOT answer the door when I am here by myself. So don’t bother!

“After several Knocks, they finally left. I glanced and could see it was a man through the stained glass of my door. After about 30 minutes I walked outside to look for what I thought would be a brochure, but instead found a rubber band around my knob to hold the door to open when I unlocked the latch. I called Ron and he told me to get the gun out and leave it out.”

Shockingly, as per reports, Kim had come very close to being the victim of a technique used by criminals to gain entry to people’s homes.

Kim’s post went on to reveal that she had contacted the local sheriff, who had informed her that it was quickly becoming a trend in the area.

She continued: “As soon as you unlatch the door, they do not wait for you to turn the knob, they can bust in on you. Anyway just be careful, I USE to be such a trusting person, but not at all anymore!”

See more about the rubber band trick in the video below:

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