If you observe a man with a single painted fingernail

The #PolishedMan initiative utilizes a simple yet impactful gesture to support a significant cause. Men paint one nail to symbolize their solidarity in combating vioIence against women and children. Influential figures such as Chris Hemsworth and Zac Efron have joined the movement, expanding its influence.

Participation is accessible: paint a nail and share it using #PolishedMan. This straightforward action initiates conversations and raises awareness, demonstrating a commitment to positive transformation.

At its heart, #PolishedMan aims to eradicate violence against the vulnerable. Organized by YGAP, the campaign encourages painting one nail throughout October, with proceeds funding proactive trauma prevention and recovery efforts.

With over 100,000 participants spanning 100 nations, the movement has raised $7.6 million in eight years. YGAP’s collaboration highlights their dedication to ending violence against children.

#PolishedMan brings peopIe together worldwide, using a painted nail to symbolize their collective stance against violence on women and children, fostering meaningful change.

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