If you find a “bleach” patch on your underwear, you’d better know what it means

When we are in need of certain information, the first thing we turn to is the Internet. Unlike many years ago when people went straight to the library to seek knowledge, now that knowledge is just a click away.

Among the countless websites, there are those that deal with threads where people ask questions, and honestly, nettizens never disappoint.

Recently, someone posted a question eager to learn why their underwear appears to have bleach stains on it sometimes.

Well, it turned out that many ladies wanted to know the answer to the question, realizing they are not alone and that many others have experienced this “issue.”

As always, many were quick to provide answers. It turned out that it is the vagina’s natural pH levels that really produce these “bleach” spots.

According to experts, this isn’t a reason for concern. On the contrary, it is an indicator that your pH levels, which indicate how acidic or alkaline a liquid or a substance is, are normal.

“Now that everyone is aware, it’s completely normal to discover lighter patches in a woman’s underwear or knickers due to the acidic nature of the vagina, with a pH range of 3.8-4.5.

So, I suppose it’s time to abandon the notion of it being a result of poor hygiene. In fact, a healthy vagina is one that can bleach the fabric,” Dr. Vanessa MacKay of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists stated.

She explained that the vagina has a natural secretory system that allows it to clean itself. It is protected by the good bacteria that it contains.

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The National Institutes of Health states that the pH of the vagina typically fluctuates from 3.8 to 5.0, which means that it is rather acidic compared to the normally neutral pH level of 7.

“Disturbing the natural balance can lead to infections, but it’s perfectly normal and healthy for women to have clear or white discharge from their vagina,” Dr. MacKay added.

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