Horse Refuses To Give Birth, When The Vet Sees The Ultrasound He Calls The Police

When farmer Ben saw that his horse was pregnant, he was full of joy. It meant that he was about to have another horse, which could lead to more financial wealth if it was a ‘good’ horse.

After waiting for months, the moment was nearly there. The belly was heavy and the horse was showing signs of going into labor.
The horse was about to give birth. But strangely enough, it refused to give birth even with a giant stomach. Ben decided to go to the local vet to get an ultrasound.

When the vet saw the ultrasound he immediately called the police. But what was wrong with the horse? And what did Ben do wrong? Let’s find out about this curious case…

A horse refuses to give birth, and when the vet sees the echo, he calls the policeman! - YouTube

Source: Youtube/Weird Stories

This was a small town, and everyone knew each other. Furthermore, everyone knew that Ben’s horse was about to give birth. This small sleepy town talked about everything when they come together in their small bar at night, and it wasn’t hard to catch wind of the goings-on of the ranches around town, Ben’s included.

So when the vet came and saw what was happening, he was so surprised that he called the cops. When the vet called the police, they told him that they would come his way immediately. This horse needed special help from more than just a vet. This horse needed surgery, as there was obviously something strange going on in its stomach. It might even be a life or death situation….

Watch the video below:

As the police live in this small town as well, any action was good action. There wasn’t really much to do around here – everyone knew each other and therefore crime was pretty low. In fact, the local polcie department barely had anything to do all day as there really wasn’t much policing to be done, so this was as exciting a case as any.

When the police finally arrived, they helped the vet to sedate the now almost lifeless giant horse. But the police did not only help the vet, they also came to Ben. “Sir, we need you to come with us, it is important”.. Ben was shell shocked. He only asked the vet to come over and help his horse give birth. What did he do wrong?

Birthing horses should be a pretty straightforward thing. Horses give birth unassisted a lot, and foals usually pop out of their mothers already knowing how to walk and gallop despite being born only a few minutes earlier. Truly, horses are one of the most hassle-free animals to help birth, and Ben knew this.

Ben answered questions about himself and the horse that he had owned since his youth. When he was done with answering all the questions, he heard disbelief from the surgery room. “I can’t believe this!,” said the vet. But what did the vet find inside the horse that he was so incredibly surprised by?What blew their mind?

The average conception rate (with artificial insemination) is 60%, which indicates that getting 90% of mares pregnant usually takes two to three cycles. You’ve already doubled or tripled your veterinary expenses just trying to get your mare pregnant at that rate. It takes a lot of work to get a mare pregnant, which makes this occasion nerve-wracking for Ben.

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