Homeless Man Asks What He Can Buy With $0.50 At Burger King, Employee’s Response Stuns Everyone

Michelle Resendez took to Facebook to recount her teenage son’s kindness during his shift, which resulted in a hefty tip from a diner.

According to the post, Matthew Resendez was working his shift at Burger King one evening when a homeless man walked in. He gave Matthew 50 cents and asked what he could afford on the menu.

Sympathetic to the man’s situation, Matthew asked him what he would order if cost was not a problem, and the man stated that anything would do.

Matthew ordered a hearty meal and paid using his own debit card. He then handed the man the receipt and asked him to relax in a seat.

“The story could end there, and it would be a happy ending,” Resendez’s post read.

However, there was a woman in the restaurant watching the exchange, and she wrote to the company to praise their employee’s actions. She then left Matthew $100 tip.

“So proud to be his mom and I can pat myself on the back knowing that I’ve played a part in raising this big hearted young man,” Resendez wrote.

The post garnered 40,000 shares and over 147,000 likes, with thousands praising Matthew for his kindness.

“So nice and so kind of him you raised a beautiful person we need more young men like him in our world you are blessed,” one person commented.

A second wrote: “Truly an amazing story. Thanks for doing the right thing, Matt.”

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