Funny and unexpected dating mishaps

When going on a first date, most of us hope for magic and sparks, but the reality can be way more different than that. Sometimes, first dates can be awkward and make us leave the place as soon as possible.

Below are some stories of unexpected dating mishaps, make sure you check them out.

1. Thank God It’s Over
This first date ended wrong because the person a Redditor decided to go out with was so entitled, he made the night all about himself. He spent the first hour complaining about every aspect of his life, without giving the woman any chance to say anything about herself.

He went to the extreme to order food for her without even consulting her choices and then spilled the juice all over himself but blamed the staff while asserting the superiority of his home country.

As the evening proceeded, he expressed his desire to become a manager and fire everyone he would see as incompetent.

When they finally asked for the check, she suggested splitting it, but he started yelling at her. In order to avoid making a scene, she let him pay for it and then let him walk her home. Once at her door, she said goodbye but he tried to force himself on her. She pushed him and then threw the money for her part of the bill at him and told him to leave.

Thank God she hadn’t heard from him again.

2. Making the Exit
This Redditor went on a date with someone who insisted on dining at one of the fanciest and most expensive restaurants. However, she spent the entire night using her phone, taking phone calls and answering messages. She wasn’t really interested in engaging in any meaningful conversation because she was apparently too busy.

The waitress noticed how awkward this situation was so she discretely offered separate bills which allowed the OP to settle his bill before leaving the place.

3. A Kiss for Two
A man in the Air Force, 18 at the time, was on a date set up by his roommate. It was a double date, and they decided to watch a movie. However, everyone was stunned when this man’s date brought up a giant stuffed rabbit named Pebbles with her. After the movie, they had some ice cream and drove to his date’s cousin’s home. Before entering the place, the date asked from the man to kiss not only her but her stuffed rabbit as well to avoid any jealousy.

No matter how crazy that sounded, he did kiss both.

4. Calling It Quits
A man went on a blind date and was baffled to see his date arriving at the theater with her parents and her nine-year-old brother who joined them for the movie. As they started watching the film, her brother kept kicking the man’s seat.

He could no longer endure the situation so he excused himself to the restroom but left the place instead. And yes, he added that his date looked nothing like her online photos.

5. A Baffling Request
A woman shared the story of a truly awkward first date that took place at the London Zoo. She said she was surprised when her date asked her to pay for her ticket. She agreed and then he pulled out a two-for-one voucher, which allowed him to enter for free while she did pay for her ticket. What a baffling move!

6. A Major Turn Off
While having dinner with a man, a woman noticed his wedding ring accidentally slip out of his pocket when he reached for his wallet. Disgusted by the situation, she immediately threw some cash on the table and decided to walk home. It was a rare occasion where circumstances were too repulsive for her to have an appetite.

During a first date, a woman noticed her date’s wedding ring accidentally slipping out from his pocket while he was reaching for his wallet. She immediately took some money and threw it on the table before fleeing the restaurant without saying a word.

7. Where’s the Check?
A man was left in shock when his date told him that she was engaged but wanted to go on a couple more dates just to be sure that her chosen one was the right person for her. As expected, he asked for the check and left.

Dating, no matter how simple it may seem to be, can sometimes be like a roller-coaster ride. And yes, it does take a few awkward dates sometimes before getting to the right one, don’t you agree?

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