Evidence of Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck splitting up comes to light

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck married in a whirlwind ceremony in 2022 in Las Vegas. Now, there are reports that the couple might be splitting up, which is incredibly worrying.

Keep reading to know more about what the evidence is.

It seems, according to reports Ben Affleck has been staying at a home without his wife, Jennifer Lopez. He was spotted by paparazzi leaving the home he is occupying solo as well.

The actor was seen in Brentwood, Los Angeles, leaving and going to a home he has been occupying without his wife, Lopez. According to the sources who have seen the actor, he has also been spending the night there.

Earlier this week, InTouch reported that Lopez and Affleck are done with one another. The story also suggested that Affleck had moved out of their marital home in Beverly Hills. And while it is not totally confirmed whether the actor has moved out of that home, it does seem that for the last week, Affleck has been staying in his Brentwood home.

However, both of them have been seen wearing their wedding rings throughout this time. While both of them have been seen solo in their engagements recently, Ben was noticeably absent on Lopez’s side at the Met Gala last week.

The reason for his absence was because he had been filming “The Accountant 2,” and the scheduling was an issue. However, Affleck was seen at Tom Brady’s roast in L.A., just a night before the Met Gala was scheduled. Now, paparazzi have spotted Lopez out and about in L.A. without her husband by her side.

Lopez was also seen house hunting earlier this week, accompanied by her longtime producing partner. While it was assumed that she was looking for a home to occupy with her husband, now people are speculating whether the home was only for her to live in alone.

The last time the couple were seen photographed together was in March in New York City. Since then, they have not been photographed together.

As for Affleck, Ben is living in Brentwood, which is the neighborhood his ex-wife and mother to his three children, Jennifer Garner lives in as well. It has also been reported that Affleck has been attending events for his children with Garner which could also explain him staying in Brentwood, just to be close to his children to offer them support as their father for their special events.

There has been no official statement from Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck on this matter.

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