Candace Cameron Bure Does Not Back Down Over Backlash On ‘Inappropriate’ Pictures With Husband

Candace Cameron Bure, known for her outspoken views on traditional marriage, recently stirred controversy with her comments about marriage dynamics. Despite being married to Valeri Bure for nearly 20 years, she faced backlash for sharing a playful photo of their relationship on Instagram.

The couple met at a hockey game in 1994 and tied the knot on June 22, 1996. Despite their long-lasting marriage, some of Candace’s fans took offense to the lighthearted nature of the photo, deeming it inappropriate for a public figure of her standing.

Responding to the criticism, Candace remained unapologetic, asserting that she was glad to showcase the fun side of their relationship after so many years. She defended the photo as a testament to a healthy and vibrant marriage, emphasizing her autonomy and enjoyment in her relationship with her husband.

In subsequent Instagram stories, Candace further clarified her stance, expressing her amusement at the situation and reaffirming her affectionate bond with her husband. She emphasized her belief in the importance of humor and intimacy in a lasting marriage, concluding that their playful interaction was a reflection of their enduring love and connection.

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