Can you spot the problem with this picture?

Sometimes, the toughest riddles and mysteries to uncover are the ones “hiding” in plain sight. You wouldn’t suspect anything, yet it is there, staring right back at you, just waiting to be noticed.

If you are into puzzles, make sure you see the one below.
The truth is that puzzles are loved by many because they provide a fun and engaging way to boost mental and physical skills while offering numerous health benefits.

Not only they enhance memory and improve our problem-solving abilities, but they also providing a break from daily stress and offer a sense of accomplishment.

Take a close look at the above photo of the three ladies sitting on a bench. At first, nothing seems to be out of the ordinary, right? But there is something unusual about it. If you need a little help to see what’s wrong, here is a tip, two of the ladies are “seated” with their legs crossed.

The “issue” with the photo is right in front of the viewer and should be one of the first things they notice, yet, many have a hard time realizing what’s wrong because the human brain tends to choose a critical rather than a simple approach. Instead of looking at the photo as a whole, most people tend to look for hidden signs and elements.

Sometimes, it helps to start small and take in the whole picture at once which may help you find what you’re looking for almost instantly. This puzzle-solving approach can provide a valuable life lesson as well. Sometimes, when you face obstacles and encounter situations that appear to have no clear solution, try to recondition your mind to approach it from a simpler perspective. Most times, this is the key you need.

As of our puzzle, if you haven’t found the solution yet, check the photo below.

The ladies are “hanging” in the air.

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