Bruce Willis’ family worry about decreased appetite and weight loss – This ‘could be his last birthday’

Bruce Willis’ recent withdrawal from the spotlight raised concerns among fans, prompting his family to disclose that he’s battling frontotemporal dementia (FTD), a progressive neurological disorder. Rumer Willis, his daughter, expressed gratitude for the support received since sharing his diagnosis of aphasia in 2022.

Bruce’s wife, Emma, serves as his caretaker and updates fans on his condition. She highlighted the challenges of dementia, emphasizing its impact on both the diagnosed individual and their family. Concerns arise over Bruce’s declining health, evident in weight loss and diminished appetite.

Reports indicate Bruce’s struggle with communication and recognition, affecting his daily life. Friends like Glenn Gordon have noticed significant changes, such as his reduced reading habit.

Emma took to Instagram to counter the negative portrayal of dementia, emphasizing love and connection amidst the challenges. Despite the difficulties, the family remains hopeful for Bruce’s future and cherishes moments spent together, including visits from ex-wife Demi Moore and their daughters.

Amidst uncertainties, the family aims to surround Bruce with love and happiness. They remain optimistic about his journey, hoping for improvement in his condition.

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