Boy Didn’t Stop Kicking My Seat during a Long Flight – My Dad Taught His Parents a Nice Lesson

A few years ago, during a long night flight back from India, a family found themselves embroiled in a conflict with the family sitting behind them. The father and his then-14-year-old daughter were seated in front of a trio: a couple and their son, who was approximately 9 or 10 years old.The plane ascended into the night sky, but the tranquility of the journey was soon disrupted by the repetitive kicking of the daughter’s seat by the young boy seated behind her.

Initially, the father addressed the issue with a polite request for the boy to cease his kicking. The boy stopped, but only for a short time before he started again. In a strategic move, the father reclined his seat fully, disturbing the boy’s mother seated behind him. When the mom and her husband protested, seeking the intervention of a flight attendant, she asked if the man wanted to keep his seat reclined. The father responded in the affirmative and the flight attendant confirmed he could do as he pleased.

The couple then exchanged a few whispers, which led to their little boy no longer kicking the young girl’s seat. However, her father kept his seat reclined for an hour so that he could be sure the couple had learned their lesson.Many people were entertained by the story. One person suggested that the father should have waited until the couple had received drinks and then reclined his seat fully,

causing the drinks to spill on them. Another person shared that many people wouldn’t understand how something was impacting others until they were directly impacted by something themselves. The commenter shared that since the couple couldn’t feel their son’s kicks in the chair, they couldn’t care less about how it was affecting someone else. However, when their comfort was compromised, they knew they had to do something. Some people even shared similar stories to the one this poster shared. One woman shared that she had been on a flight on her way back from Egypt when a man was seated behind her. He was indignant that a woman should be sitting in front of him, which led to him aggressively kicking her seat each time she moved.

At one point, the woman leaned back slightly, prompting the man to call a flight attendant over. The man screamed that a woman shouldn’t be allowed into his space. He pushed her seat as hard as possible in an effort to straighten the seat and no longer have it in his space, The flight attendant told the man that the woman was allowed to lean her seat back if she wanted to. The woman’s husband offered to switch seats with her, but she remained steadfast in her resolve to stay in her seat for the seven-hour flight. Another Reddit user shared that they were 18 when they traveled from the US to the UK. They sat in front of a child who was kicking their chair and causing general discomfort. The person politely turned to the child’s mom and asked if she could tell her child to stop kicking the seat. The child’s mother shrugged and said her child could do what he wanted to do,

The commenter replied that they could also do what they wanted and that unless the mother wanted things to get ugly, she should reign her child in. The person said they would embarrass the woman if she did not control her child. The mother seemed nonplussed, so the person stood up and shouted to the plane that they were having an issue with the child. They then asked if anyone else was experiencing the same issue or if the child’s mother just didn’t know how to parent. The woman became enraged, but the person did not care.

When the flight was over, the person walked into the airport and was greeted by their friends in uniform. The mother and her son walked past the group with their heads down, not saying anything. While these parents didn’t know how to control their children on the plane, one mother was not even allowed to get on the plane with her child.

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