Boss Learns the Customer is Always Right

** Shouting “Little Johnny come to my office right now…”**
Little Johnny:
“Yes sir”!

Boss :
“Little Johnny, I saw you arguing with the customer that just left. I have told you before that the customer is always right. Do you understand me?”
Little Johnny:
“Yes sir!, the customer is always right”.

Boss :
“So what were you arguing about with that customer?”
Little Johnny:
“He said my boss is stupid and an idiot sir”!

“That bustard. What did u say to him?”
Little Johnny:
“I told him he’s right

A teacher is explaining biology to her 3rd grade students. She tells them that humans are the only animals that can stutter.

Wanting to share a unique experience, a little girl in the back raises her hand and says, “No ma’am, I had a cat who stuttered.”

Intrigued, the teacher asks her to explain.

With excitement, the little girl stands up and says, “Well, we had this big tabby cat that liked to annoy the rottweiler next door, and one day the rottweiler got loose and jumped the fence.” She continued, “My cat said fff, fff, fff, but before she could finish saying bang, the rottweiler ate her.”

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