Behind the Scenes with Joy Behar: Exclusive Insights into ‘The View’

ABC’s The View is considered to be of quite ill-repute because of the heated discussions and sharp remarks promoted on it. Critics argue that the hosts prioritize their personal political agendas over constructive dialogues. The show tries to attract viewers with provocative comments and arguments, but despite these efforts, its fate is unclear, particularly as Disney looks to divest from the underperforming channel.

In a recent interview on Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi, a well-known pop culture icon, attracted attention with her blunt comments about Joy Behar, one of the co-hosts of The View. Asked about her experiences with various celebrities, Snooki openly expressed her thoughts on Behar, catching Cohen off guard with her forthrightness.

Snooki said Behar was the “rudest celebrity” she has encountered since gaining fame on “Jersey Shore” over the past 14 years.

Cohen appeared shocked and asked Snooki again if Behar was “rude” to her.

“Joy was so mean to me,” the MTV star replied without hesitation.

Eager to learn more, Cohen pushed further. “She cornered me in the bathroom!” Snooki alleged before adding, “And said, ‘You’re not Italian!’”

The host immediately gasped, prompting Snooki, 35, to double down on the claim.
Cohen then asked how the “Messyness” co-host responded during the alleged interaction. “I said, ‘OK, ma’am,’” Snooki responded.

Snooki did not disclose when her rude encounter with Behar occurred, but in early 2011, she posted a video mocking The View star. The now-deleted clip, captured by TMZ, featured Snooki and her bestie Farley pretending to be older Jewish women. In the video, Snooki played “Joy B” and talked about how “trashy” Snooki was.

The clip showed the duo calling Behar an “Italian wannabe” and mocking her for despising the “Jersey Shore” cast, claiming that kids like them ruined her childhood during “the Great Depression.”

The video was later taken down because as Snooki explained, people took it too seriously.

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