An old man was eating at a truck stop when three rough-looking bikers walked in

Let me give you a piece of advice; never mess with the elderly people. They have been on this planet long enough to gather a lot of experience on how things should be done.

This is the story of Paul, a 91-year-old man who got teased by a group of bikers, and as you already assume, his knowledge
Namely, Paul was at a diner having a piece of an apple pie and a cup of coffee. He enjoyed his peace when three bikers entered the place. They sat at the corner and approached Paul one by one. The first biker extinguished his cigarette in Paul’s pie and returned to his friends laughing. The second one spit in the old man’s coffee, and the third biker shattered Paul’s dish on the ground.

The bikers were very proud of their mean action as they thought that being rude and disrespectful made them fierce. However, what they didn’t know is that they messed with the wrong person.

Throughout the whole time, Paul remained collected and calm. He paid for his food and left the diner. The waitress went to the bikers and asked them what they wanted. But before ordering, they were quick to brag with what they did to Paul, saying, “The old geezer isn’t much of a man, is he?” The waitress looked at them with a smile on her face and said, “He also isn’t much of a truck driver, as he just backed over your motorcycles.”

Well, they got what they deserved.

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