Alec and Hilaria Baldwin faced backlash after welcoming their seventh child together

Expanding your family as a parent is always a sweet feeling especially if it is with someone you love and are on the same page with.

Alec Baldwin married his wife Hilaria in 2012 and the two of them have been expanding their family together ever since…

Alec Baldwin met his wife Hilaria Baldwin in 2011 and married her the subsequent year, 2012.

The couple wasted no time in starting a family, welcoming their first child in 2013. They then had four more children together before adding a sixth child via a surrogate.

In April 2021, they shared the news that they were expecting their seventh child together – people were ecstatic for the couple, and happy that they were continuing to grow their wonderful family.

Hilaria excitedly shared the news about her daughter’s arrival on her Instagram account. She posted a selection of pictures and videos to her page, along with the caption: “She’s here! We are so excited to introduce you to our tiny dream come true, ilaria catalina irena”.

This is Alec Baldwin’s eighth child in total, but his seventh child with current wife Hilaria. He shares his oldest daughter, Ireland Baldwin, with his ex-wife Kim Basinger.

She then made another post expressing how excited the rest of her children are about the newest addition to their family, writing: “Her Baldwinito siblings are spending the day bonding and welcoming her into our home.”

She concluded the caption with: “Much love to you all. We are so happy to celebrate this wonderful news with you.”

The couple released an official birth announcement via People Magazine, reading: “How grateful we feel to welcome our newest little daughter into this world. Just as magical and filled with love as every other little person we have been blessed with.”


While the couple naturally adore their family, Hilaria Baldwin recently shared that not everyone understands their reasoning behind it being so… well, big. In a recent post she wrote: “7th baby: when people ask or comment, we often go to silly and very self-deprecating jokes on my part. I love to laugh at myself—so it’s all good…keeps me sane. All jokes aside, however, I am grateful for this experience.”

She explained her thinking further, stating: “I know too well the joys and the losses, the beauty and the heartache, that motherhood brings. I have learned to respect and embrace the wonderful, the hard, the uncomfortable, the magical, and the unknown of this incredible process I am so blessed to experience again and again.”

The couple is clearly happy with their family and are practically glowing at their latest addition – but not everyone congratulated them. In fact, certain individuals had a lot to say about their newborn’s name: Ilaria Catalina Irena Baldwin.

Hilaria and Alec Baldwin are known for selecting unique names for their children, often with Spanish origins. However, after the revelation that Hilaria isn’t of Spanish descent – and the accompanying controversy surrounding her alleged use of a fake Spanish accent and misrepresentation of her heritage in 2020 – people were taken aback by the name they gave to their seventh child.

“Her blatant trying to be Spanish is really quite irritating, why is it okay? Why does she keep trying? Have they really let it go to their heads that much,” someone wrote.

Another person wrote on Twitter: “Fake Spanish name from Boston-born mom,” while a second echoed: “Hilaria & Alec Baldwin had their 7th child. Not one American name, not even a middle name.”

A third said: “Alec Baldwin’s wife faking being Spanish is so crazy. Changing her name from Hillary to Hilaria, naming all 7 of their kids with those roots, pretending to forget the english word for ‘cucumber’, faking an accent. She should’ve changed her name to hilarious instead.”

However, some people pointed out that Ilaria is actually Italian for “Hilary.” It means cheerful, and was one of the more popular Italian girl names in 2006.


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